Imagine the Ideal. Make it Happen.


I have written several poems and songs in the past. This section contains a collection of some of my own poems.


What You’d Do?

One thought that feeds my curiosity is the desire to understand religion, belief systems, Gods, and Humans. Our capability to acquire knowledge, write it down and pass it on to generations have helped our entire race reach heights that have never been achieved. The journey never stops. In this poem,…


Imagination is a beautiful thing. Something that allows you to create worlds of form that may never exist in reality. I enjoy as my thoughts wander about creating new spectacles. Sometimes out of the blue they provide me answers I did not look for. So what happens when I sit…

Independence Day

Independence Day is not just pages of history or triumph of one country over another. It is a fight for our Identity, our Promise, our Dream, our Ambitions. It is that day we remember when all this happened. However, the story only begins. There is so much to do, farther…

Hypnotized Minds

There is often this discussion about God and creation vs Science and Evolution that often turns nasty quite quickly. I have always believed there is a middle ground but to take a side we need to dig deeper and explore more. 'Hypnotized minds' is about how the more we explore, the…

The Broken Vow

I have seen people in dire need of help. I know, there are things that I get so easily and yet for some people such basic thing could be a life dream. My situation, however, does not allow me to pause my life and get things fixed for them. I…