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Who is he?

Huge disparities in the social status of people in a society imply there is a lack of humane values in that society. The disparity hits the worst when a child is not granted his/her right to scale the ladders of education and wealth through social support. Often we become ignorant or worse, blame the government. That may clear us from the feeling of guilt, but never lead to a solution.

Journey of a million miles starts with a single step, and here, we are merely talking about making it to a few kilometers. Are we ready to introspect, learn, and make a difference?

There was this boy,
his dress was dyed,
in filth and mud,
and charcoal dried,
His skin was dark,
must not have been so,
dust and burns,
have stolen the glow,
In the tens of age,
he works in a cage,
literally if not,
kills himself for a wage,
I work nine to six,
no stain, just some strains,
chilled air comforts,
yet I complain,
Maybe he never knows,
I can help him grow,
am I aware, do I care?
cosmopolitan metro?
Blessed to enjoy are a few,
smile he didn’t pursue,
to rebuild his future,
Who’s there, if not you.
Lifetime it doesn’t take,
choice he didn’t make,
Suffering today his fate,
For your and my mistake.
Time to be awake,
Break out of the fake,
dignity for his sake, 
Systems need a shake.

As always, thanks for reading. Hope you resonate the message I have conveyed here. What are your views. Please do share in the comments below. Together we can!

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I am a Research Scholar in NUS Singapore working in the field of Computational Intelligence and Deep Learning. A Technology Admirer; I am curious to know more, to explore - and to share and socialize


  1. Pooja

    A social message in the form of such a wonderful poem.great work!

    • Dr Spill

      Thank you Pooja for taking time to read and your comment. Please do read my other works on the site.

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