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Vector Art #01: Turbokat from Swat Kats


Swat Kats was my favorite animated series from childhood. I am not sure if I will enjoy a rewatch the same way did back during my early teens. However, the whole good guys beat bad guys, with state-of-the-art tech was amazing to watch at the time.

Today have digital art as one of my passions, I decided to pickup the brush (I mean my mouse) and went on and rendered this vector art of Turbokat with Inkscape. What do you think? Worth a tribute for my love for the show? Of course, I did not go for too many details. At this point, I am mostly a beginner digital artist but hopefully will make it better over time.

Would you like to have access to the original vector art? Please share below in the comments and I am happy to share the original art in svg format.

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