Imagine the Ideal. Make it Happen.


Imagination is a beautiful thing. Something that allows you to create worlds of form that may never exist in reality. I enjoy as my thoughts wander about creating new spectacles. Sometimes out of the blue they provide me answers I did not look for. So what happens when I sit down to write about imagination, instead of imagining to write about something.

Dawn sets in,
on the beautiful house,
made of wood,
backdrop’s green,
and river flows,
as serene as it could.
sounds of cricket,
squeaks of Ibis,
splashes of water,
gushes of breeze,
and a window that is half-open,
lets in Sunlight some unbroken.

Stars explode,
make clouds of dust,
shoot EM waves,
backdrop’s dark,
voices silent,
in the outer space.
Supernova flames,
new stars are born,
radiation games,
blackholes are formed,
and a wormhole just then appears,
distant galaxies cut through light-years.

Silence speaks,
no need for words,
emotion fills,
backdrop’s spring,
just her presence,
gives him chills.
heavenly smiles,
painful tears,
pristine love,
distances near,
and in a moment her heart he wins,
long journey together begins.

In my eyes,
I could see,
so many things.
May not exist,
in this world,
but do within.
scenic beauties,
distant stars,
ballad of love,
and it just starts,
the heart it goes, where it’s never been,
fictions unfold, scenes unseen.

Stories happen,
that are vague,
little do I know.
Yet I imagine,
as my mind fills,
colours and shadows.
time-warped views,
beautiful hues,
emotions deep,
magical sweep,
Transcend worlds I don’t even know,
when I unshackle, and just let go…

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I am a Research Scholar in NUS Singapore working in the field of Computational Intelligence and Deep Learning. A Technology Admirer; I am curious to know more, to explore - and to share and socialize

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