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Hypnotized Minds

There is often this discussion about God and creation vs Science and Evolution that often turns nasty quite quickly. I have always believed there is a middle ground but to take a side we need to dig deeper and explore more. ‘Hypnotized minds’ is about how the more we explore, the quicker the distinction between the two schools of thoughts begin to fade away.

Tidbit: Every single line contains exactly 5 words which was a new attempt for me.

A creator, who can create,
why volcanic eruptions and quakes,
To destroy why to create,
And then point to fate,

Is He made of good,
Why else to Him, pray,
Anything there is, He could,
Then destructions, why He would,

Hierarchy, it must be wrong,
Someone, above or below him,
Something that does not belong,
Something that is too strong,

Are boundaries set by Science,
Maybe His existence it confines,
Maybe it’s Science He Designs,
Or rules, the Universe defines,

Some assert Science is hollow,
did we ever dig deep,
God’s science can we follow,
Is human knowledge too shallow.

Science believes in God too,
Not He, who wrote books,
The Universe is a clue,
Every answer, a question too.

Is divinity purest of Science,
or hypnotized minds that believe,
Maybe Science can define divines,
our minds just in defiance.

Judge, who am I anyway,
Just someone who writes songs,
Mysteries are here to stay,
It’s ‘whatever will be’ cliche…

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I am a Research Scholar in NUS Singapore working in the field of Computational Intelligence and Deep Learning. A Technology Admirer; I am curious to know more, to explore - and to share and socialize

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