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Abhi tho Sooraj uga hai…

The Sun has just risen…

Never fear for darkness, for when the night falls you know the Sun is soon to rise. Connecting the rising of the Sun with illuminating our hopes and dreams for tomorrow, this poem leaves us inspired and makes us dream.

This inspirational song was written by our very own Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi and presented by him during an interview with a News Channel in India. [efn_note]News Nation[/efn_note]

I would appreciate if there was no political angle or shades given to this poem of inspiration. Remodeling what Shakespeare once said, what’s in the author, one who wrote this song, it inspires no matter who.

Aasmaan mein sir uthaakar,
ghane baadalon ko cheerakar,
roshanee ka sankalp le,
abhee to sooraj uga hai.

आसमान में सिर उठाकर,
घने बादलों को चीरकर,
रोशनी का संकल्प ले,
अभी तो सूरज उगा है।

Rising high in the sky,
piercing through cloud covers,
determined to spread light,
the Sun has just risen,

Drudh nishchay ke saath chalakar,
har mushkil ko paar kar,
ghor andhere ko mitaane
abhee to sooraj uga hai.

दृढ़ निश्चय के साथ चलकर,
हर मुश्किल को पार कर,
घोर अंधेरे को मिटाने
अभी तो सूरज उगा है।

With absolute resolution,
surpassing difficult conditions,
to obliterate darkness around us,
the Sun has just risen,

Vishvaas kee lau jalaakar,
vikaas ka deepak lekar,
sapanon ko saakaar karane,
abhee to sooraj uga hai.

विश्वास की लौ जलाकर,
विकास का दीपक लेकर,
सपनों को साकार करने,
अभी तो सूरज उगा है।

to illuminate flame of hope,
to bring light of growth,
to realize dreams that we chose,
the Sun has just risen,

Na apna na paraaya,
na mera na tera,
sabaka tej banakar,
abhee to sooraj uga hai.

ना अपना ना पराया,
ना मेरा ना तेरा,
सबका तेज बनकर,
अभी तो सूरज उगा है।

Not for us or them,
nor for me or you,
to glow for one and all,
the Sun has just risen,

Aag ko sametata,
prakaash ko bikherata,
chalta aur chalaata,
abhee to sooraj uga hai.

आग को समेटता,
प्रकाश को बिखेरता,
चलता और चलाता,
अभी तो सूरज उगा है।

Collecting all the fire,
Dispersing that as light,
to energize itself and others,
the Sun has just risen,

Vikrti ne prakrti ko dabocha,
apanon se dhvast hotee aaj hai,
kal bachaane aur banaane,
abhee to sooraj uga hai.

विकृति ने प्रकृति को दबोचा,
अपनों से ध्वस्त होती आज है,
कल बचाने और बनाने,
अभी तो सूरज उगा है।

When actions attacked our ways,
Allies destoyed our today,
to save and build a better tomorrow,
the Sun has just risen,

Please note that the above translation is not perfect but rather an attempt to preserve the poetic nature and the context of the original writing. Any comments on modifying the words are welcome. Share your views as comments below.

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I am a Research Scholar in NUS Singapore working in the field of Computational Intelligence and Deep Learning. A Technology Admirer; I am curious to know more, to explore - and to share and socialize

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